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Artworks by Victoria Sofianidou


AC’s Artificial Future series

(Submission Aesthetica Art Prize)

This series of six works, 70x70cm each, called ‘Artificial Future’ was inspired by the current climate of concern surrounding artificial intelligence and the massive impact it will irrefutably have on the world. Considering the many scientific developments still in their infancy today (e.g. machine learning, robotic process automation, virtual reality, augmented reality, quantum computing, brain-computer interfaces, smarter devices, technological implants, biohacking,…), what sort of changes as consequence of these could we possibly see in a distant future?

These artworks explore this strange new world. Where technologically augmented people display a mechanical look, blurring the line between human and robot. These cyborg humanoids upgraded their eyes to digital cameras and their heads to computer helmets. All directly connected to the brain, probably. Definitely, everyone and everything needs a data transmitter and receiver, conveniently placed on top. Thus, all things became robotic: smart devices, smart houses, smart cities, smart people.. Buildings and horizons with familiar yet undefinable aspects, all connected in one giant mesh network. Data travels so fast, even faces became obsolete for their archaic way to convey information, reduced to a mere aesthetic option for your helmet. Personalities were next to go, then went most sense of individuality after being considered ‘so pre-mesh’. But AI also fixed energy and climate change, so there’s that. No sense of self, just clear blue skies. Enjoy.


AC’s Vermeer’s Star Wars series


AC’s The Absinthe Field Mice series *SOLD*